z Advanced Motocross Training

A 2.5 hour advanced session for ages 9 to 19 years old who have already been to our dirtbike ranch several times and already know how to ride a dirtbike with a clutch.  Because this is an advanced class you will need to purchase the Z2 $500 damage deposit with it (refundable if no damage is done to the dirtbike).

* By appointment only with a limit of 1 person per session   For questions text or call Doug at 813-410-4547

** Because this is an advanced session we will be learning jumps so the $500 Dirtbike Damage waiver needs to be purchased as well

*Please call in advance to discuss days and times that are available. Desired dates are not guaranteed until confirmed. Call in advance to confirm availability before purchase or once purchased, someone will call the contact number you provided to confirm your session.  Size of dirtbike is at the discression of AFM staff and safety gear must be worn while riding.  NOTE: We cannot administer medicines to children, we reserve the right to cancel if the child does not follow the rules and have good behavior.  All waviers must be signed by parent or legal guardian.  


***Because we are a private facility, "by appointment" business and need to plan for staffing, all packages must be purchased on our website no later than 3 days prior to the "desired" appointment date.

NOTE: We go by the "Desired Date" you enter on the receipt to schedule appointments so if something changed please comfirm with us via text a minimum of 5 days before your appointment to guarantee it.

***Because we are a private facility, "by appointment" business and need to plan for staffing, all packages must be purchased on our website no later than 6pm the day prior to the "desired" appointment date.  Everything we do is outside with only 1 family at a time at our dirtbike ranch.  We are following the Covid19 recommendations by cleaning after every customer, wearing masks and keeping social distance in confined areas but like all public places we cannot guarantee you will not get a virus at our dirtbike ranch.


****This is a dangerous sport that can cause serious injuries so we do not recommend that you bring children or adults with issues that could cause them injury due to a lack of understanding or coordination such as extreme: Hyperactivity, ADHD, OCD, learning disabilities, listening skill issues, physical limitations or other things not listed here.  Please enter anything like this in the "NOTES" section or text Doug at 813-410-4547 so he can discuss it with you before you bring them.  In the event that our staff believes someone is not capable of being safe we have the right to stop the session and refuse further service for that person.





Because we are a "by-appointment-only" business and typically only host 1 family per day......when you cancel.... it causes us to loose tremendous revenue, additional customers and our administration time and thus we will need to recover the following fees: credit card/bank processing fees, sales tax fees and an administration processing fee of $100.  These fees will be subtracted from your package price and we will write you a check for the difference and send it via US mail.  It is possible due to severe weather conditions that we may have to adjust your start time or move your appointment to a different day for your safety.  If we make the decision to postpone there is no charge to you.  In the event you need to postpone your adventure we will require an additional fee of $100 the first time, $200 the second time and a third postponement is an automatic cancellation with a limited refund that is at our discression.  Sorry for any inconvenience but this is the only way we can stay in business.


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z Advanced Motocross Training

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