Summer or Winter Camp (Motocross Training)

Want to be a hero in your childs eyes?  They will never stop talking about how much fun this camp was & you can come and watch!  Complete with all the Safety Equipment,  Dirtbike Rental, Training,  Food, Lodging for 2 days and 2 nights.  Your 8 to 16 year old child will learn with our trainers at our private location 50 minutes north of Tampa.  Our camps are run by a husband and wife team married 19+ years and teaching dirtbikes for over 10 years.

* By appointment only with a limit of 1 persons per session.... so book it early!   For questions text or call Doug at 813-410-4547

*Please specify the desired date for your childs Summer or Winter Camp: month/day/year. Desired dates are not guaranteed until confirmed. Call in advance to confirm availability before purchase or once purchased, someone will call the contact number you provided to confirm your camp date options.  Size of dirtbike is at the discression of AFM staff and safety gear must be worn while riding.  NOTE: We cannot administer medicines to children, we reserve the right to cancel if the child does not follow the rules and have good behavior.  All waviers must be signed by parent or legal guardian.  

***Because we are a private facility, "by appointment" business and need to plan for staffing, all packages must be purchased on our website no later than 7pm the day prior to the "desired" appointment date.

NOTE: We go by the "Desired Date" you enter on the receipt to schedule appointments so if something changed please comfirm with us via text a minimum of 2 days before your appointment to guarantee it.

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Summer or Winter Camp (Motocross Training)

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